Our Story

Our Story

Our story began in 1886 when David Livee, young and handsome English sailor and traveller, met an English aristocrat Victoria during one of his voyages. They instantly fell in love with each other and decided to marry upon their return to England.

However, a notorious man of adventure like David, could not even dream to be accepted by aristocratic circles as equal. That’s why Victoria, driven by her strong desire to fulfill her great yet improbable love, convinced David to escape limitations of their world and sail together to Ceylon.  

Thriving Business in Ceylon

They bought a piece of land in the mountain part of the island and established a tea company. Victoria used her vast knowledge of blending different tastes, acquired in childhood from her nanny, to create unique tea mixtures. Her ideas were wildly appreciated even by the most sophisticated tea lovers across Europe.
It seemed that the family business would thrive in the next generations. Unfortunately, David and Victoria’s son Henry had a turbulent character. Maybe because of the spirit of adventure always behind the corner and maybe because of unpeaceful genes inherited from his father, Henry always dreamt of the big world and chances it could give. After one of many arguments with his parents he packed all his stuff and moved to America in search for his own way of life. 
New York Adventure
He reached New York like many of his kind and got a job at a local cafeteria. Coffee making became his greatest obsession, passion and calling. He became one of the most famous baristas in New York City and his shop was wildly crowded even by the most demanding coffee enthusiasts.  

Henry was not only an excellent barista. He was a visionary. By inventing a new way of making instant coffee and mixing his coffees with carefully selected flavors and aromas he showed his customers completely new way of enjoying coffee.
Tea and Coffee Innovation
During one of endless coffee afternoons in his coffee shop he met a Polish beauty Alexandra, who soon became his wife. As Henry’s mother convinced his father to escape Europe, Alexandra persuaded her husband to move to Europe and reconcile with his family. Livees settled in a small town in northern part of England and together opened a tea and coffee house.

Today Livee Company continues years of tradition and innovation in the tea and coffee industry. Thanks to countless number of unique recipes and constant aiming for perfection, LIVEE has become the number one choice for sophisticated infusions, proving the world every single day that drinking tea and coffee don’t have to be boring.
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