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Our story began in 1886 when David Livee - young and handsome English sailor and traveller met an English aristocrat Victoria during one of his voyages. They instantly fell in love with each other and decided to marry upon their return to England.  

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Teas & Coffees Tasted Each Year
If you want to experience the strong taste of  black tea – Black Spicy is the tea for you. A perfect aroma with cardamon and chilly notes. A traditional recipe that has not changed for over 100 years. 


Los Angeles
One of my favorite blends is Morning Orange Coffee by LIVEE – particularly tasty first thing ... you guessed it, in the morning!


The flavor of LIVEE mango tea is genuine, and provides a lovely experience. I enjoy a cup now and again when I want a sweeter tea without any caffeine. There is no need to add any sweeteners to it, either. A lovely and full mango flavor with every sip. A delight!


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